About Us

YYTZ Agro-Processing is a full service cashew processing company dedicated to consistently producing high quality cashew nuts by selecting high quality raw cashews from Tanzania, operating modern equipment for processing, maintaining a work environment that exceeds the highest international food standards.

YYTZ Agro-Processing wants to set itself apart from other cashew processing facilities. The focus of our cashew processing plant is to focus on high quality nuts and efficiency. By integrating the roles of processor and importer we are able to offer our clients the best cashews and service delivered to their door. Our in-depth knowledge of raw nut quality and crop profiles allows us to offer the best product to our clients.

Our fully-mechanised processing facility operates under superior safety and hygiene parameters, while concurrently, we will also transfer the experience, skills and technologies successfully applied in Vietnam operations to our Tanzania operation.

Our efforts enable us to shorten process times, minimise control points, and incorporate precision grading and sorting to deliver more consistent quality cashews, customised cashew ingredients as well as organic-certified varieties. Our facility operates to HACCP standards, enabling us to offer our customers full traceability to international standards.

Our Team

YYTZ Agro-Processing is established as a limited company owned by its two co-founders Fahad Awadh and Ali Awadh. The processing facility is managed by an experienced factory manager with over 10 years experience in the cashew processing industry, and an experienced group of machine operators.

About Us